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Pilates testimonials massage classes axminster east devon


18 months ago I took up Pilates under Laura's expert guidance.  Having been a runner and cyclist for several years, I was aware of just how inflexible I was getting.  Pilates has helped me enormously in this and loosened up my whole running style, which in its turn has enabled me to run further and faster.  Laura's Pilates sessions were a key part of my training programme in preparation for running the London Marathon this year and not only helped keep me injury free, but acted as great stretching, toning and conditioning work.  This had a vital part in helping me keep my form in the last 6-7 miles and definitely contributed to my taking 25 minutes of my PB. Thank you


Laura has been helping me for some time now. Having had a hip and knee replacement my mobility was not as it should be. Since starting my one-to-one pilates sessions I find that I am now more body confident and my strength has improved. I have no trouble recommending Laura, who is patient and understanding and able to listen to you encouraging you all the time.


I met Laura after tearing my groin and gluteus doing cross country, I was struggling not just to get back running but dealing with every day activities.

At the beginning we looked at the way I stood, sat at my desk & sat in my car & then looked at weight transfer & changing the ways I sate and stood to take the pressure off my injuries. 

After that at our weekly sessions we worked on building up & strengthening the muscles around the injury & generally building my strength back up, various exercises had to be modified if they caused me discomfort.

Laura was excellent at changing exercises to suit my ability & then revisiting them week after week to keep improving my strength.  After a few months of seeing Laura I finally got back out running!! yay!! Slowly at first, one mile at a time but I felt stronger, my whole running stance had changed for the better, my posture was better so I could breath easier. 

I had to get new trainers as my gate had changed & no longer needed a high instep but a low instep, soon to be in a neutral shoe.  I smashed my 5k time & 10k time & so feeling strong, I entered and then competed in my first Marathon!! 4:41, much better than I ever imagined & with my next one booked 8 weeks later.

My weekly session with Laura are different now as we are focusing on getting me fitter & stronger but I see the benefit every time I run that I don't want to stop!! I would recommend Laura to anyone, her patients & understanding are phenomenal but she will still push you hard to get the most out of your time with her



"I began Pilates with Laura about a year ago, with the aim of developing my rowing capability, as my primary sport. Within a short twelve months, my core strength, flexibility and balance have become significantly better, leading to a noticeable improvement in my rowing technique and performance. I'm very pleased at the... outcome so far. Laura is an exceptional teacher; she always ensures that we progress steadily for sustainability, whilst applying just the right level of challenge, and carefully tailors sessions to clients' individual needs.

Martin Roche"


I have really enjoyed Laura's postnatal Pilates class. My body felt weak after the birth of my son and my back was suffering from carry my newborn around all day. I was looking for a way to ease myself back into exercising and to built up strength in my back. This class is just the answer. After only 4 classes my back feels stronger and I can feel stomach muscles I haven't felt in a while.   Laura is great at adjusting exercises to suit your ability and to target your specific problem areas. I leave each class feeling stronger and more relaxed.
Laura has also visited me at my home to work on my back. After 11 years of suffering with back pain in one specific area I have tried everything to relieve it. Laura has made a huge difference to the pain and to my mobility. I continue to improve everyday. I honestly can't thank her enough for this!

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