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Emotional Posture, emotional health

Something got my attention the other day.

The other day, I was teaching someone, a loosening shoulder movement. The way that Aston Kinetics works is that you work on one side, then assess the change and take note of the outcome, before moving onto the other side. The reason we do this is so we observe if the body is happy with this change and why that change needed to happen. This is a movement that I have taught many times, normally when someone has frozen shoulder or to bring depth and volume to the chest, to improve their lung capacity.

It is know secret that I struggle with my mental health, but lets face it, who doesn't these days. Everyone has some form of internal struggle that creates tension in our neck and shoulders, and back and believe or not there has been time when some one has come for lower back issues and I've treated the upper part and because there has been tension release the lower back magically heals. But it's not magic, every thing is connected in some way and you change one little thing and the body responds.

As we were heading towards the end of the movement sequence and came to evaluate the bodies change, and as always the shoulder blade felt like it had come down and sat very comfortable into it's rightful place, I then felt rather emotional. It was a huge release, and I hadn't realised just how much emotional tension I had been holding onto.

This particular movement is not a Pilate exercise and some times I feel a bit of fraud calling myself a Pilates instructor as most movements have been changed so much that they no longer look like the original.

This movement I had learned from studying with Eric Franklin but I had added the Aston Kinetics Principles to it. For example maintaining length through the ribs and using ground reaction force to be able to create more range. We use physics in these session, it's not a fad and not a movement that you just do at a class, but a self treatment exercise that is actually used in every day life.

Anyways we then progressed onto the other side and the feeling of the shoulder blades was truly a relief.

Here is that class, so if you feel like you are carrying emotional posture. And want to learn and understand your body more, explore your emotional posture in this class. Enjoy.

Below is an online course for an introduction into the Aston Kinetics world. I discover new things everyday with this work. For £10 you will receive 10, 30 minutes express sessions, that will allow you learn and observe your unique body pattern. Start your Journey and you we will open a whole new world of possibilities. Enjoy. 😀

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